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PANDISC is Your True Partner FOR REPAIR & reverse LOGISTICS

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What Pandisc Can Do For You

Our entire business is focused on being the most trusted technical services & repair partner for you and your organization. And, that is what we do, day in and day out, across the globe for leading OEMs.

In fact, we’ve even built our repair and reverse logistics business differently to fit into your mold, not force fit you into ours. With just one call, you will talk to a decision-maker who has the full power to put our global capabilities to work for you, instantly. This gives you the flexibility, delivery and service options you uniquely need along with industry leading expertise on a full range of products including storage, servers and enterprise devices to personal computers, components and consumer electronics.


Pandisc has the ability to solve almost any technical service challenge and make the complex, simple. We fix your issues and get everything where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, to make you the hero. That is why leading OEMs trust us to handle their most complex as well as important depot repair and reverse logistics jobs. With strategic locations right where you need us, our people are recognized as some of the smartest and most innovative in the industry. 


But, what makes us truly unique, is that Pandisc has proven that a true partner goes well beyond just repair. We recommend the best course of action for you to reduce your total costs, even when it may cost us in the short-term. That’s what you should expect from the true partner you trust to help maintain and strengthen your reputation. This is how we are your true partner when you need to take care of the trickiest issues, and find better ways to solve the everyday ones.  

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