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Pandisc has the right services and processes

to support any OEM

Pandisc offers world-class depot repair, reverse logistics, warehousing, and field services to our clients globally on a full range of products from enterprise devices such as data storage, servers, network gears to consumer electronics. We think, work and act like an extension of your own organization doing what is needed and going beyond the repair. Through our delivery of holistic integrated solutions, we make the complex, simple.
For more than 30 years, Pandisc has been hard at work serving the technology solutions market. Pandisc has world-class experience and processes in place to provide a full range of IT services to OEM's & ODM's, military, critical mission, also medical devices.


Investing in People and Technology

A true partner matches your technical know-how and provides ideas and services. That is why Pandisc heavily invests in training our people to be the best in the business. Also, we equip them with the latest equipment, processes and quality assurance measures in our state-of-the art facilities to identify and build the best practices to maximize your business. 

One Call Service

Pandisc has the knowledge and resources to deliver customized repair and logistics solutions to meet your exact needs. With strategic locations across the globe along with understanding your local needs, Pandisc have the ability to share expertise and replicate almost any solution on a global scale with just one call. 

PANDISC delivers Value Well beyond the repair

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Core Repair and Reverse Logistics Services

Through its extensive network of resources, Pandisc is able to offer in-warranty, out-of-warranty, whole unit & parts repair to customers on a global scale. 


Our world-class depot repair capabilities encompass a broad range of services:

  • Tape Backup Units

  • Tape Libraries and Robotics

  • Server Motherboard

  • Network Devices

  • Power Supply

  • Storage Controllers

  • Notebook Motherboard

  •  No-Break (UPS)

  • Whole Server Units

  • Whole Personal Computers

  • Screening and Certified Data Destruction

    • Hard Disk Drives

    • Solid State Drives

    • Tape Cartridge

  • CPU Screening

  • Data Recovery Services

  • On Site advanced analysis

    • Tape Cartridges Health

    • Data Center Environment

    • Best Practices

  • Advanced Failure Analysis

The Pandisc Difference

  • Fully compliant with stringent ESD and RoHS standards

  • ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 Certified

  • IPC 7711/7721 and IPC A610 CIT (Certified IPC Trainers)

  • Live repair and quality metrics monitored with business intelligence

  • Standardized and automated processes allowing for easy rollout in new geographies

  • Standardized and central collection of repair data to measure against customer SLAs, productivity, quality,  yield and repeat return and much more

  • Multi-location projects have a single account manager and single quality manager assigned for accountability

  • Open communication is encouraged between our partners and regional customer representatives to ensure fast decision making with local input


How Pandisc can support your organization

  • By going beyond repair and directly connecting our team with your internal departments to fully support your day-by-day needs 

  • Being ready and able by being fully insured and maintaining one of the industry's most robust disaster recovery plans

  • Handling all of your technology logistics so you can focus on your core business

  • Helping you meet your environmental commitments through our green supply chain and ISO 14001 certified network

  • Designing a consistent, custom returns process for your business through our ISO 9001 certified network

  • Aligning with your partner commitments though our continual investments in protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers via our OHSAS 18001 certified network

  • Meeting your compliance needs with strict adherence to all laws and regulations/anti-corruption policies

  • Providing centralized reporting and showing/comparing returns and repairs trends among the different geographies 

  • Breaking down units into parts for your own service stock

  • Providing in-country service to avoid expensive freight and help you reduce your inventory cost

  • Helping you with resale of tested returns

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