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Why Pandisc is the

best choice for you

For over 30 years, we have been providing world-class service,
tailored to your exact needs

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Built For

Your Business

Recognized by our costumers and partners as extremely easy

to do business with

Expertise to setup & start almost

any program fast

Owner/operators with the authority to make decisions & implement what you uniquely need

Fast, flexible & nimble with no corporate bureaucracy to slow us or you down

Proven processes approved by major OEMs & in place 

at all of our locations

Will do what’s right, 

even if it costs us


A True &

Trusted Partner

2022 Dell Technologies

Best Customer Experience Award


2019 Dell Technologies

Best Value Partner

2019 One of The 30 Most Admired Companies to Watch

by The CEO Views

2018 One of The 50 Most Trusted Companies

by Silicon Review Magazine

2018 Dell EMC

Innovation Finalist

2016 Dell EMC

Best Global Screen & Repair

2010 Dell

Supplier of the Year


Tailored Global Support & Local Presence

3,500 employees across the globe

11 strategic locations

across the globe

30 years of delivering

quality & excellence  

Global standards with the certifications to prove it

End-of-life support with the flexibility and contacts to support EOL repairs without having to make a large guess when buying materials

Pandisc Gets the Job Done

In the end, that is all that counts.

And, there is no other organization that understands your needs better

or is willing to do more to ensure everything is done exactly how you want it.

Integrated Management System Policy

Pandisc Informatica Ltd acts in diagnostics, rework and repair services of IT eletronic devices, telecom and similars. Acting in Sao Paulo state - Brazil. Through our directors, Pandisc establish the compromise with our customers, employees, contributors and suppliers in relation with health and safety, environment and quality, including:

            Provide safe and healthy conditions to prevent injury and health problems related to                work, seeking to eliminate danger and reduce risks;

            Protect the environment with emphasis on control and correct disposal of solid waste              in order to prevent pollution;

            Meet the specific need of each customer, seeking to exceed its expectations with                    constant renewal;

            Comply with the standards, relevant legislation as well as other requirements                            assumed by the company;

            Improve continuously the Integrated Management System, through the attendance of              objective and goals;

            Guarantee communication process at all levels, with participation and consultation.

Release: 03/23/2004  -  Update: 02/08/2021 #06


Code of Ethics, Conduct and Privacy Policy 

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct was developed in accordance with the RBA Code of Conduct and our Privacy Policy is in total compliance with GDPR and are available to our customers, suppliers and general public.

If you would like to have access to these documents, please contact us at

Pandisc Policy and Main Environment Metrics

If you would like to have access to latest Pandisc Environment Metrics, please access the page clicking here.

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